My move to Stockholm

In the spirit of adventure, my family and I have decided to move to Stockholm. This will be the first time I’ve worked in a different country (and in fact the first time I’ve lived in a different country).

What’s been easy

The new company I’m moving to, 0+X, have been great. They’ve provided guidance on all the steps I need to take as an immigrant and even found me a really nice apartment.

What’s been fun

What’s been strange

  • They are much less afraid of having electricity in the bathroom than in the UK.

  • Every possible food item seems to be sweetened as much as possible.

  • Apartments, if they have washing machines, will have them in the bathroom. Turns out it’s just the UK that would put them in the kitchen.

  • Talking to people here made me realise a lot of Traditional British dishes have really strange names. Leading to the creation of:

  • Self service checkouts are less trusting than in the UK. You have to scan your receipt to open a gate to leave the shop. Before learning this I may have crashed in to a few barriers.

Image of Stockholm park

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