Still living in Stockholm

I’ve now been living in stockholm for over a month. It’s very quickly started to feel like home. In no particular order here are a few things I wanted to write about.


Unfortunately there seems to be a long wait for EU citizens to get their personnummer. It’s the key to many things here and without it I’ve not been able to sign up for a bank account, backup my travel card or even sign up to the gym.


Tyresta national park is amazing. It’s a primeval forest and it’s only a short bus ride south of Stockholm. The middle of the park by the bus stop is quite full of people but once you get a little further out it gets quieter.

Trees Mushroom More trees

Dill flavoured crisps

A lot of things appear to be flavoured with dill here. Fortunately it turns out I really like dill flavoured crisps.

Nudie Jeans

Although London has some Nudie jeans shops it never occurred to me to visit them. This was a mistake. They are brilliant. All jeans come with free repairs for life. When they eventually wear out they get recycled.

Veggie food

The range of choice for vegetarian alternatives here is pretty impressive. A current favourite of mine is oumph (and only partially because the name makes me laugh).

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