Pinning Dockerfiles

This isn’t a particurally new thing but I was talking to a friend about this recently and I decided to write up what I said more formally.

The short answer is for docker images I tend to pin by both a tag and a digest. I’ll go through why here.

Step one - no pinning at all

FROM python

This will work. I’ll use it whilst hacking something together. But how long will it work for? There’s no request for any specific version of python at all. You’ll end up with whatever the lastest happens to be.

Step two - pinning by tag

FROM python:3.8

This is better. I’m now communicating what I actually depend on. In this example that I want a python container with python 3.8. I can get more specific too:

FROM python:3.8.3-slim

For a lot of use cases this is probably enough. Whenever I build my container I will be building with python 3.8.3 and it will be the slim image. However, I’m not protected from bringing in unexpected changes. Docker tags are mutable. 3.8.3-slim today is not the same as 3.8.3-slim tomorrow.

Step three - pinning by tag and digest

FROM python:3.8.3-slim@sha256:9b574c348d20673be5a5c716f4fdefac56643c103c0c7005e2160c6a843faab8

It’s also possible to pin an image based on the digest (see docker docs). This is immutable so will always refer to a specific build of the container. This means every time you build you’ll be starting with the same base container. The main downside here is that if you want to pull in any bug fixes that may have been made to the tagged image you’ll need to update the digest. However this gives you control of when you change.

When you have the digest you can leave out the tag but I like to leave this in as it is (slightly more) human readable and communicates my intent better.


When hacking I’ll go as far as step 1. For build systems and tooling I may consider stopping at step 2. For things that I’m releasing and deploying to production I tend to go all the way to step 3. I like having control over what is deployed and when updates occur.

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